Ten Local Dishes that make a MALAYALI DROOL!!!!!!

Chandni Nair
5 min readMar 23, 2018


One more minute,God.

Just one more.

We prayed in unison (silently though) for the period to end because we were famished. Classes were taxing and the humid classroom oozed out our energy.

The much awaited break arrived after what seemed like an eternity. As we devoured our lunch I could see my friend was reluctantly picking on her food.

“ No fish fry today” she whined.

As a rice consuming state of India, seafood functioned as an indispensable complement of daily lunch. And so did many more dishes.

Mere pictures of his dearest food , leaves a typical Malayali salivating and the rest is a daydream.

So brace yourselves as you embark on a delightful journey through the ten local dishes that makes a Malayali drool!


Parotta is a Malayali’ s homie, lover and friend.

Basically life.

Buttery brown crisp surface and stretchy, soft and chewy inner layers with flaky richness go best with meat stews.

It’s said that a Malayali would kill for a plate of parotta and beef roast!! (though I have never given it a try).


Kerala saw the rise of this dish from rags to riches. Once labelled as as a poor man’s staple, this delicacy has made it’s way to the luxurious hotels of Cochin.

Delectable golden yellow melt-in- your-mouth kappa is served with a spicy tamarind infused tangy gravy with succulent morsels of fish.

A generous sprinkle of freshly grated coconut brings in pleasing aesthetics. This scrumptious dish speaks volumes about the backwaters of Kerala.


This rectangular block of happiness rules the Mithai Street of Calicut. From pineapple to coconut and what not , these wobbly delights satisfies your saccharine cravings and leaves you with a cheek tingling explosion after the first bite.

Available in myriad shades of raven black, sunflower yellow, ruby red, sparkling green and vibrant orange, this nut sprinkled, flavor infused jelly with a glittery coat of ghee is guaranteed to cheer up fussy five year old’s and grumpy grandpas.


“ Biryani is not a food, it’s an emotion!!!”

Beauty of a biryani begins with it’s intoxicating aroma. As the steamy mixture hits the plate, the powerful fragrance of cloves and ghee fills you from within.

A heavenly savoury masala coats the soft juicy morsels of meat.

Best served with its other half, a refreshing salad of curd, onions, cucumber and tomatoes , this dish brags being an inseparable part of special occasions.

Tangy achaar and a crispy pappad functions as its salient complement.


Palada Paysam ( basically ambrosia for keralites!!) is a hot, sweet, mouth watering, rich and creamy dessert whose each swallow is deeply cherished.A pinch of saffron brings forth a lovely, appealing rose color.

With every sip, a luscious palatable heaven forms in your mouth and soon vanishes, leaving your taste buds asking for more.


Appam and vegetable stew are definitely a match made in heaven! Enriched with sweetness of tender coconut milk and hemmed with crispy edges, appam is a must , at least once in a week, for every malayali.

It’s served best with a delicately spiced , steamy stew having tender carrots, beans , peas and potatoes coated in spices tempered in coconut oil and simmered in coconut milk.

This breakfast must be leisurely enjoyed , no matter how late you are for work!!


Tender meat fried with ginger, garlic and curry leaves, this side dish or appetizer definitely whets your appetite!!

A zest of lime does magic to this piquant delicacy.Varieties in the form of biryani , pickle, stuffed or roast gives an interesting diversity to this shellfish.

This simple dish enunciates a lot about the salty-aired Malabar Coast.



The sound of fresh banana leaves sizzling on the pan top is music to my ears.

Smashed juicy tomatoes, fried curry leaves and spice infused oil adds a scrumptious glimmer to the fried fish enveloped in flavoursome caramelised onions.

This succulent seafood wrapped in a banana leaf greatly upholds the Kuttanad folklore.


This traditional item satisfies your craving for all things prawns and coconut.

Roasted in a concoction of authentic spices and enveloped in a blanket of sautéed onions, this dish is definitely all that and a bag of chips!!!

The final addition of toasted coconut flakes to the roasted prawns is like icing on the cake. Served with a multitude of side dishes, this toothsome delicacy is a favourite for all Keralites.


Ripe strips of banana coated in a sweet batter is deep fried and served hot along with a milky tea. This golden fried glory accounts for a perfect 4 ‘o’ clock!

From Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram , Malayali’ s go bananas over this popular snack.( no pun intended!)

In conclusion

Food unites people all across the world despite being strikingly different in tastes and culture.

There is a reason why you find solace in food after an emotional breakup or new beginnings mostly start from a casual lunch date!!

Good food brings in joyful sunshine amidst gloomy, rainy days.

We heartily wish all the foodies out there: