Chandni Nair
3 min readSep 26, 2021


“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”- Cesar Cruz

Music often soothed my anxious nerves, granting me the relaxation I yearned for.

Lately I stumbled upon a unique mind soother. The credits of this new found love can be attributed to the remarkable author Dan Brown, whose enthralling description of art propelled me to learn more about it.

Finding solace in art is a gift just like creating it is. Art is to the mind as music is to the ears.

A form so palliative though we fail to recognize its worth.

Unfortunately mankind has transformed into beings whose IQ dominates EQ. In a world where reel life dominates real life, brilliant art often goes unnoticed. Art gives wings to these lucid sparks, letting it soar high where the only boundaries are the frames of the canvas.

Human mind is a meandering river of fierce vehemence. Doodles in ancient caves left by our ancestors served as a harbinger for the era of modern art.

There is a reason why picture books and crayons came before text books.

There is a reason why hospital curtains are green ,why sea blue and orange makes us feel different.

Emotions create art and art evokes emotions. Resplendent yet humble, art depicts our myriad perceptions. Artists pour out their elation and desolation onto the welcoming canvas. The medley of shades and textures are manifestations of his inner introspection.

Every stroke of the brush is akin to gentle wisps of waves on a calm sea. Every illustration outlines the deep frustration within, unleashing burning passion onto an untamed palette. An artist’s unhindered choice of pigments portrays the inner segments of his intellect.

We see the world through a camera lens, never once perceiving the beauty of everyday life. We see the straight metal window grills, but never its curvy shadows on the curtain fabric! But there are a quite a few who reads between the lines.

Frequently resented, sometimes appreciated and seldom labelled as a maniac, great minds like Vincent Van Gogh created wonders that live on to tell their tales sustaining the ravages of time, long after their creator perished.

The Starry Night:

Locked away in a cold asylum unknown to the public was a mind so brilliant, yet tormented and turbulent. Vincent Van Gogh painted the starry night inspired by the view just before sunrise from east facing window of his asylum room in Saint Remy de Provence. The pale yellow crescent moon stands out despite being submerged in melancholic, alluring swirls of blue and white, outshining the dimly lit cottages in the quaint countryside.

The mammoth perturbed sky made the sprawling village seem trivial. Sinister and forlorn, the Cyprus tree unfurled out into the passionate sky bespeaking the impending doom.

The persistence of memory:

This 1931 masterpiece by Salvador Dali is hailed for its profound conceptualization of surrealism. In a wild imaginative universe of the unconscious mind, the sweltering reveries of memories have decomposed the much idolized clocks of the real world into scanty transient entities.

Time holds no worth in a realm of fantasy. From literature to science and what not art has left her charming spell on all realms of the society.

Captivating art works gave birth to numerous ballads and delightful sonnets. Cubism reinforced theories of multiple dimensions.

In this fast paced world, rarely do we find an instance to halt, to wait , to appreciate the tiny nuances of everyday life that we take for granted.

Yet there are great minds who relish these simple enchantments and turn them into wonders with tiny strokes of a brush.

Art bestows upon us a sense of rejuvenation, strengthening all aspects from imagination to the very tip of your neurons. Definitely, art is a sweet tart for your eyes!!!