Are you truly free?

Chandni Nair
1 min readAug 4, 2022


Whose choices do you play?
Is it yours to say?

Unyielding are we, indifferent we seem
to horizons we limit, to flames we never lit.

Cower back into your den, a pit of comfort, of safety, of all things easy?
Well tucked in, oblivious to pain and pleasure.
Self-assigned to a cage so carefully built,
mind so crammed with sand and silt.

Of fear, of servitude, of possibilities we deem unfit
for our worth achingly speckle we define
After all, trivial is a teardrop in an ocean.

Ornate we praise, the supposed niche, your croove
Ignorant you stay,
Of unexplored routes you never take.

Anyhow, who chooses a voyage of peril,
Not many would like a brush with the devil.

Relentless is the dull,
Dear time you waste to mull
over prospects too risky,
Was the reap worth the sow?

Persistent the doubts stay,
Until reality strikes hard,
For taste of regret is far bitter,
than taste of failure, of deter.

Foregone are chances to fray,
Here and now, too stiff, too crippled, too grey.

Rare are those who leave,
this gift of divine called life,

With souvenirs of content in place of remorse,
It takes more than just a try,
To do what others daresay.



Chandni Nair

Books and Nature lover. Amateur writer. MBA student.